The Dance of Life

            In a savage world dance declares a truce

The Dance of Life is published and ready for you!

Mary Margaret Mann's Book Cover

In a savage world of financial turmoil, disease, broken relationships, betrayal, death, and wars, dance declares a truce. We are wonderfully designed so that deep emotions move us to poetic response…a process I call the dance of life. Mary Margaret’s recent book, “The Dance of Life,” is a chronicle of faith lessons learned while studying ballroom dance.

Lance Wubbels Wrote...

"Mary Margaret Mann is a marvelously creative actress who also happens to be an equally gifted wordsmith. In The Dance of Life, she opens her heart and soul and takes us on a journey from a turbulent season of unwanted change in her life and a desert place of sorrow, only to find that healing and inspiration, at times, is found in an unlikely place—the world of dance. God comes to all of our lives mysteriously and wonderfully and reveals His love for us and teaches us to trust again, to embrace life with graceful, wide open arms . . . to learn the dance of life. It’s an invitation to joy that I found irresistible."

-Lance Wubbels, Bestselling Author of the Hallmark Books, Dance While You Can and If Only I Knew