Mary Margaret's Programs

Biblical Programs

  • Mary and Martha
  • The Woman at the Well
  • His Majesty and The Magi
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mrs. Noah’s Voyage of Faith
  • Ruth / Israel’s Gentle Heroine
  • Mary, Mother of Jesus
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Portrait Programs

  • A Life Well Lived
  • A Patriot’s Heart
  • Blossoms of Promise
  • “How Do I Love Thee...”    A Browning Salon
  • Elizabeth Endicott / A Pilgrim’s Story
  • The Genesis of Genius
  • Discovering Your Place in the Universe
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New “Hat”titude 
With her own engaging style, combining theatrical intensity with the vitality of lecture, Mary Margaret presents a variety of characters.   Listeners experience the lives of people who made the bold choice to be architects of change; people who changed hats, began anew with a new attitude and discovered an extraordinary life.


“How Do I Love Thee...”    A Browning Salon
Romantic Victorian England comes alive as we explore the life of the spirited poetess, Elizabeth Barrett Browning. With power, passion and perspective Mary Margaret presents the life of the poetess with a fresh approach.  This real-life saga, bursting with life, color and romance, is a tribute to the power and ultimate triumph of love.


Blossoms of Promise
“The tender leaves of hope; tomorrow’s blossoms…”  Wm Shakespeare, Henry VIII Combining the intensity of dramatic presentation and the power of lecture, professional actress Mary Mann presents her special form of “edutainment. You will be charmed by this extraordinary exploration of the poetry, humor, history and meaning of flowers as symbols of hope and joy.


A Parade of Poets and Prose
“With me poetry has been not a purpose, but a passion; and the passions should be held in reverence….”  Edgar Allan Poe  “Poets are “God’s singers!”  Elizabeth Barrett Browning     Experience the historical pageantry, romance, intrigue and beauty found in the impassioned poetic expression of life.  By dramatic portrayal and readings, Mary Margaret leads an exploration of the work and lives of poets like Rudyard Kipling and Elizabeth Barrett Browning.  Their stories come to life before your eyes, taking you to another time and to far-away places.


Marvelous Mothers
“A mother’s heart is the child’s schoolroom.” Henry Ward Beecher
From her heart springs inspiration, wisdom and comfort.  In this cold mechanical, technical world, she provides the counter weight of warmth and gentleness – she is a mother. This special program includes a dramatization of the history of “Mother’s Day,” as well as portrayals highlighting the far-reaching, profound effect of a mother’s love.  This beautiful presentation will warm your heart and set the tone for celebration of the spirit of motherhood.


Remembering Anna, A Page From the Holocaust
This riveting presentation gives voice to the message of courage, hope and love of Meip Gies, the Frank family protector during their years in hiding.  Meip’s sense of loyalty compelled her to risk her own safety in an attempt to shelter her friends from the evil that threatened them.  It was she who bravely gathered up Anne Frank’s diary and, disregarding her own peril, preserved it that the world would know the truth.


A Patriot’s Heart
Voices of destiny echo through the corridors of time, calling us to consider the contributions of those stalwart patriots whose efforts and sacrifices helped shape America. This inspiring presentation tracing the history of the American spirit is infused with power and drama. See dramatic portrayals of those whose lives are a glorious record of stirring achievements in these enduring stories of what it means to be an American.


Lights! Curtain! Action!
This presentation depicts the roots of theatre in brilliant, unforgettable hues.  Waiting for the curtain, we speak in hushed tones; then the lights dim and we are transported.  Peek behind the scenes and experience the history of the theatre.  This is a fascinating slice of our American culture is illustrated in dramatic monologues.


Seek the Far Horizon
This is an opportunity to experience life on the trail in the mid 1800’s through the eyes of a woman confident she is participating in an historic event.  In Sarah’s sojourn, the far horizon was sought in search of the timeless dream of a better way of life. Mary Margaret’s first person presentation captures that spirit of the undaunted western pioneers who relished the privilege and honor of shaping their future.


Mrs. Noah’s Voyage of Faith
With power, passion and perspective Mary Margaret presents the story of Noah’s spellbinding voyage.  You are going to be captivated by the combination of lecture and dramatic vignettes which present the men and women of the Ark as very real people. Hear about the challenge of building the ark, the gathering of the animals and surviving the great flood as you have never heard it before, told by Mrs. Noah.


Elizabeth Endicott the Pilgrim
Break out of the ordinary!  Chart a course for high-seas adventure with Elizabeth Endicott.  This daring adventure was a journey of epic proportions, and her story will open a remarkably intimate window into the day-to-day experience of the early Colonists. Your own holiday will be enriched as she recounts the first winter and the beauty of the land in spring, as well as the exhilaration of that “first Thanksgiving” celebration.


FAITH BASED - His Majesty and The Magi
As foretold, His star rose in the sky like a gem of hope and the world was changed!  Discover the wisdom of the Magi this season.  Just imagine what it might have been like to be the daughter of one of the Magi, if perhaps she had traveled on that extraordinary journey to follow the star.  Who were these Magi?  Why were they so confident concerning the impending event?  What was the symbolism of their gifts?  Mary Margaret’s fresh approach to this timeless story will surely enhance your Christmas joy.

Theatre & Music Fusion

You are in for an intriguing fusion of wonderful theatre and musical riches. This sensational concept combines the interpretive depth and outstanding skills of two performers with a novel and gripping approach to an exploration of themes of life in music and drama.

Example: Where Living Waters Flow – Stirring music to muse life's journey with captivating dramatic interpretation by Mary Mann. Her portrayals provide a pageant of persons moving to the music of life with time as the drum major.

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Character by Design

A commissioned work. You select the person or persons to be portrayed

Example: Judy Berman, leader in the field of miniatures, commissioned by The National Association of Miniature Enthusiasts for an International Convention in Orlando. Also Bertha Hinshaw, founder of Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales, FL.

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Mary Margaret Mann


Unlock the secrets of genius to live and create more passionately & purposefully.


Engaging the five senses to enhance an appreciation for the splendor of life.


Explore & experience the relevance of the principals of acting in daily life.


Discover the hidden fire within that drives & inspires accomplishment.


Enjoy a creative consideration of the poetry, history, and meaning of flowers.